China: End one-party dictatorship

Speakers in the park Monday night called for an "end to one-party dictatorship" despite warnings from pro-Beijing officials of potential repercussions.

Albert Ho, chairman of the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China, the organizer of the vigil, said people in semiautonomous Hong Kong enjoyed the right to advocate for more political rights.

"When we are aspiring to establishing a truly democratic China, we all think a necessary condition is an end to one-party dictatorship," Ho told the crowd. "So we are exercising this freedom of speech. And the suggestion that such expression is a violation of the constitution is totally groundless."

The former top Beijing official in charge of Hong Kong's affairs said in April that people who call for an "end to one-party dictatorship" are breaking the law and should be barred from running for political office.

I'm glad people are refocusing on ending the one-party dictatorship of China.

Tom Usher

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