Meddling? If it's the US who intervenes, it is 'in the interests of the people', says ex-top spy

There is no evidence whatsoever that the Russian government meddled in the US election. However, there is tons of evidence that the US has meddled and done a great deal worse in many nations many times. It hasn't stopped yet.

Venezuela is a current case in point. The CIA is directing everything said by mass media that's negative about Venezuela and Maduro in the world right now. The CIA is directing the fascist opposition to Maduro on the ground in Venezuela right now.

Everything you're being told by the Western-mass-mainstream media against Russia and Venezuela is a pack of lies. It's why you don't ever hear or read the full account of Russia's or Venezuela's side of the story. They are deliberately censored because they are vastly more credible and you'd know it if you were to hear it and read it as much as you hear and read the US corporatist/Plutocrat "news."

Tom Usher

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