The most powerful and revealing article I've ever seen on Robert F. Kennedy

Wow! Just WOW!! This article, "Distorting the Life of Bobby Kennedy," by James DiEugenio, is amazing. Read it, and you'll know exactly who murdered Robert F. Kennedy and why.

I liked JFK all along. The more I've learned over the years, the more solid I am in saying that he was at least the second best President the US ever had, FDR being the best, and would likely have outdone FDR for top spot had he not been murdered by the CIA.

I knew RFK was an important figure and was what appeared to be moving left after his brother's murder. It has become clear that Robert F. Kennedy was always left and that, that fact has been deliberately covered up by the forces who hate the left the most and who murdered Bobby, just as they murdered his brother.

When Bernie Sanders is fit to tie Bobby's shoes, let me know.

Plus, to all the Millennials out there bashing Boomers, after reading the linked article, maybe you'll understand what dark forces we were up against and why you better watch your backs and not fall for the false-propaganda spewed at you ad nauseam by the mainstream (currently thoroughly controlled by the same people who murdered the Kennedys and MLK).

Tom Usher

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