Paul Jay on Trump's Iran War Agenda and Liberals' Korea Peace Panic

I don't always agree with Paul, but he's always worth listening to and considering (and honest about his real views).

Trump was always focused on North Korea. He talked a great deal about it before he even announced his run. Trump has hawks around him to scare people into making deals. He wants a new deal with Iran. He'll make threats but will end up holding out better carrots than any US President really ever has. Whether he can deliver or even wants to deliver those carrots is another question.

Trump doesn't see the real long-term need for a forward military-presence. He thinks it would be better if the US were to build itself up economically (plutocratically) and have a strong military it can project from the US motherland.

True: Rachel Maddow is a neocon/liberal interventionist, US imperialist. She absolutely hates Russia. Russia could never do anything right short of totally accepting everything Rachel wants everyone to be forced to accept or else.

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