God bless Korea (one Korea) and to Hell with fear-and war-mongering

The utter stupidity of the "liberals" against a nuclear-disarmament deal is astounding. What historical disarmament-agreements have they studied, none? Are they so against anything and everything Donald Trump that they'd cut off their own noses to spite their own faces? It appears so.

I, for one, see the recent developments in Korea (yep, I'm now referring to it as one nation) starting with Moon's rise to power on the back of the Peace Movement in the South, as nothing short of the best foreign-relations development since the fall of the Berlin Wall (which fall was a totally squandered opportunity by George H.W. Bush).

I was for Barack Obama's chemical-weapons deal with Syria before he was. I was for Barack Obama's nuclear deal with Iran also before he was. I was yelling for it while Obama was still saying Iran had an ongoing nuclear-weapons program. He now knows better. Get him to admit it.

Perhaps The Donald will finally see the light regarding Iran. After all, North Korea was on the Bush-43 "Axis of Evil" list of targeted countries (right along with Iran) for overthrowing by any means by the neocons.

Watch the following excellent video to learn what the Koreans in the South think about what Trump is working on:

In decrying the Singapore summit and Trump's freeze on U.S. military exercises, liberal pundits are ignoring popular opinion and years of peace activism in South Korea, says Christine Ahn of Women Cross DMZ.

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