Bringing Trump down by any means is not part of the solution!

I hate, I mean DETEST, claiming morality while using immoral means to supposedly fight immorality.

Look, a blanket policy or practice of separating children from their parents is not justified just because families cross the US border as claimed or actual refugees, period! However, fighting against such a blanket policy by employing deception to any degree in an attempt to sway the general public is itself inherently evil and must also be fought. Those who engage in such evil tactics are not to be trusted. If they do it in one instance, they very typically do it in others, all without the general public becoming aware that the general public has been tricked into agreement.

Frankly, everyone should come to realize that the welfare of children in question is not the prime concern of those employing the deceptive tactics. The real driving force lies in those seeking greater personal wealth, power, and control in the corporate/plutocratic sense. Once in power or back in power, trying to get them to do the right thing is every bit as difficult as trying to get those ousted to do them.

The "liberals" give more on identity-politics in a libertine way, but try getting them to institute full economic-democracy (the root that really matters, as all the rest of the good would follow naturally). Try getting them to end all the US wars. Try getting them to enter into full, global denuclearization or total disarmament. Try getting them to be consistent in their condemnation and praise of other nation-states and their leaders.

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