Obama v. Trump: How the New York Times Lies About Lies

This is a good article outlining some of the many deliberate lies by Barack Obama, who still gets lauded by "liberal" media.

Eric Zuesse left out the lies about Iran's nuclear-weapons program, as it never even existed and Obama knew it. He left out the lies about the US spying on Americans, though Clapper was caught out on it and had to admit that the US was spying on all of us. He left out the lies about Syria's Assad and the chemical-weapons attack, which the Assad government did not commit. Obama knew. That's why he went along with the Syria chemical-weapons deal and the Iran nuclear deal. He also lied about Guantanamo. As Commander-in-Chief, he could have closed it with a simple Presidential order.

Those are just highlights that stand out in my mind. I didn't research his lies to write this post. I didn't want to list the nearly endless stream.

Of course, while he was running the first time, Obama tipped his hand many times about his reactionary positions. The masses just ignored that though, even while I was writing here and elsewhere that he was a complete phony and would severely disappoint, which he proved to be and did.

Tom Usher

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