Trump's Family Separation Scandal Has Revealed Every Species of Hypocrite

Good points from Matt Taibbi:

Trump's policies are extreme, but the government separating children from parents is not a new thing: Not on the border, not in immigrant communities and not in poor neighborhoods – where women on public assistance live in regular dread of state inspectors taking their kids away over picayune welfare violations or complaints from neighbors.

It's also true abroad, where voters have spent over a decade now tacitly signing off on a whole kit-bag of evil (but mostly invisible) War on Terror policies, many of which involve breaking up families without any kind of due process. If an Afghan family is separated in the forest and nobody sees it, did it really happen?


Trump's policies on the border were and are monstrous. But those photos of children in captivity, which rightfully have been nearly as damaging to America's reputation as the Abu Ghraib debacle, didn't appear out of nowhere.

Does he mean the images I just discussed as bunk?

Tom Usher

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