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I watched David Irving videos and read David Irving articles because David Irving was extremely negatively criticized and called a racist and anti-Semite by people who stomped on, and are still stomping on, Palestinians and doing so while milking as much sympathy as possible about Nazi concentration camps, which the stompers relabeled "death camps" when they also started referring to the concentration-camp era as first a holocaust, then the holocaust, and finally the Holocaust, as if there were no other and quite nearly as if only Jews died in WWII. I wanted to hear what David Irving was putting forth that got him completely banned and flushed down the memory hole by despicable people and those whom those despicable ones brainwashed. I wasn't alone in doing that.

Paul Craig Roberts:

Ron Unz is one of the best men of our time. He searches for truth and he supports others who do the same. In this article, he comes to the defense of David Irving, the best historian of the 20th century.

Ron Unz:

... despite such massive financial and human resources, they apparently came up almost entirely empty, at least if Lipstadt’s triumphalist 2005 book History on Trial may be credited. Across four decades of research and writing, which had produced numerous controversial historical claims of the most astonishing nature, they only managed to find a couple of dozen rather minor alleged errors of fact or interpretation, most of these ambiguous or disputed. And the worst they discovered after reading every page of the many linear meters of Irving’s personal diaries was that he had once composed a short “racially insensitive” ditty for his infant daughter, a trivial item which they naturally then trumpeted as proof that he was a “racist.” Thus, they seemingly admitted that Irving’s enormous corpus of historical texts was perhaps 99.9% accurate.

Yesterday, I happened across a YouTube video, "Number of deaths in the WW2 per country - YouTube," which is difficult to fathom it is so staggering even after decades of knowing about the numbers.

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