Merkel’s Troubles Began in Syria and End in Italy, but it wasn't Keynesianism's fault at all

The article, "Merkel’s Troubles Began in Syria and End in Italy," by Tom Luongo, is fairly decent except for this utterly ignorant or deliberately deceptive bit:

The Troika of the IMF, the ECB and the EU, led by Germany, forced new loans on these countries with ‘easy terms’ to pay off the old loans but never fixed the underlying problem because, well, Keynesianism.

Germany is ordoliberal. Keynes would have used fiscal policy to help. Let's remember that it was Keynes who said WWI reparations would bleed Germany leading to WWII, which is exactly what happened. Keynes was not a monetarist and wasn't for vulture capitalism. He wasn't perfect (too aristocratic) but far from an utter economic-bloodsucker like Wolfgang Schauble and Angela Merkel.

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