Sergey Lavrov’s [masterful] interview with Channel 4's mind-controlled and mind-controller, Cathy Newman

While you watch and listen, pause on the fact that when Russia Foreign Minister Lavrov clearly explains in an indisputable way how the Chemical Weapons Convention was grossly and repeatedly violated in a number of cases where both the Russian and Syrian governments were accused of chemical-weapons violations, the Channel 4 interviewer, Cathy Newman, completely ignored those Chemical Weapons Convention violations by the accusers of Russia and Syria. What are you to take away from that?

The answer is that Cathy Newman and her handlers at Channel 4 and Channel 4's handlers in the UK government, have one aim only: to destroy Russia and Syria via blatant lies, distortions, and any other unethical, immoral, and reprehensible means they believe they can get away with because of the mass-induced brainwashing, ignorance, and constant state of hypnosis of UK subjects/citizens. The same can be said about the USA.

Are you a dupe? If you don't agree with Lavrov concerning this issue and pretty much everything else he said, you are either basically evil or a dupe or both.

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