BBC misrepresents OPCW report to maintain UK FCO Douma narrative

Vanessa Beeley:

Thanks to Skwawkbox who managed to record the original BBC report making the claim that "chlorine was used" in Douma... we have clear evidence of the BBC either lying outright or being unable to read the OPCW report correctly. The BBC later changed the headline on their report to read " Syria war: 'Possible chlorine' at Douma attack site - watchdog" unfortunately too late for those who had spotted their seemingly deliberate attempt to mislead the public on Syria yet again.

Remember that this narrative fed to the West by the UK State-funded (among other leading regime changer governments in US Coalition) White Helmets led to the unlawful bombing of Syria on the 14th April 2018.

Skwawkbox report here:


As the SKWAWKBOX reported not long ago, the BBC News website published outright fake news on Friday evening when it reported that the OPCW (Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) ‘fact-finding mission’ to the Syrian town of Douma had concluded that a chlorine gas attack had been perpetrated on civilians in the city.

The OPCW had said nothing of the sort ....

BBC forced to correct Douma gas story after SKWAWKBOX exposes fake news

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