Israel lays down illegal red lines for postwar relations with Syria

The agreement was signed a year after an Arab-Israeli war in which Syrian forces failed to retake a large part of the Golan Heights area seized by Israel in 1967.

The strategic highland has since been annexed by Israel, bringing some Israeli troops as well as settlements to within a few dozen miles (kilometers) of Damascus. Although Syria has long demanded the area back — and no countries recognize Israel's annexation ....

"... no countries recognize Israel's annexation ..." of the Golan Heights. That includes the USA.

Do you think the current US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, recognizes it? I bet she'd say the Golan is part of Israel at the same time she'd continue insisting Crimea is not part of Russia.

Did the Israelis hold a referendum in the Golan Heights to see if the people there wanted to join Israel? Not a chance. Did the people of Crimea hold a referendum on whether they wanted to rejoin Russia? Definitely. Was the referendum free and fair and overwhelmingly in favor of rejoining Russia? It sure was.

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