Who gets sanctioned, who doesn't, and why?

"Three dead in Nicaragua clashes as US slaps sanctions on government." Venezuela gets sanctioned. Iran gets sanctioned. Russia gets sanctioned. Israel gets paid, not sanctioned. Saudi Arabia gets to buy tens of billions in US weapons, not sanctioned. Egypt doesn't get sanctioned but, like Israel, gets paid. China gets a trade war. China truly is a totalitarian dictatorship, but that's not the reason for the trade tariffs.

Israel kills unarmed protesters wanting to return to their own land, which is the legal right of those protesters. Israel illegally occupies and annexes lands. Saudi Arabia exports Wahhabism all over the place and funds proven terrorists, anti-US terrorists. Egypt has turn back into a dictatorship worse than when Mubarak was in charge.

Daniel Ortega has boosted the poor hugely and worked extremely hard to overthrow one of the worst dictators in Central American history, a dictator fully backed by the US.

Chavez and Maduro have also lifted the poor way, way up, and done so totally democratically while being under constant attack from anti-democratic forces hellbent on reinstalling fascism in Venezuela.

Putin has only reacted to US aggression. He never started anything against the US or the US's truly strategic interests.

The pattern is totally clear. The US sanctions governments that put their people above greedy capitalist who want to bleed those people as much as those capitalists can get away with.

Why does the US do this utter evil? The answer is simple. The plutocrats who own and rule the US ARE evil.

Can they change? Trump isn't helping.

Tom Usher

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