After talks, NKorea accuses US of 'gangster-like' demands

In criticizing the talks with Pompeo, however, it carefully avoided attacking Trump personally, saying "we wholly maintain our trust toward President Trump," but stressed that Washington must not allow "headwinds" against the "wills of the leaders." That appeared to be a reference to Trump's national security adviser John Bolton, a prominent North Korea hawk who has been vilified by Pyongyang in the past.

Oh, it's about plenty more than just the airhead Bolton. It's about everything neocon.

Look, Kim knows all about Trump's negotiating style and that Trump can turn on a dime. Trump doesn't get all hung up on pride-of-authorship type feelings concerning what he's said. He can shrug his shoulders in a flash and simply change course 180 degrees.

Therefore, the statements from the North are completely in earnest. Frankly, Trump will simply have to do what he doesn't like to do: rein in his subordinates. Trump likes to hire, leave the hired to do or say whatever, and then like it or fire the person. Unfortunately, that works only some of the time in government and the least in international affairs.

The reason Trump doesn't rein them in is because he doesn't know what to do. He wings everything when it comes to fine details, which doesn't require expertise on his part.

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