Primero los pobres (the poor first) is Obrador's & Mexico's test

No nation-state leader goes unscathed if he or she puts the poor first. The capitalist forces in the world target such leaders and come at them in whatever way finally necessary to weaken and destroy them. There have been no deviations from this in history. It doesn't matter at all whether the target is extremely democratic or much more controlling. The capitalists are dead set against anyone being for the poor whether that one is anti-dictatorship or totally for dictatorship. Those who are for the poor are damned if they do and damned if they don't go with democracy.

Will Obrador be the first leader to truly put the poor first while completely escaping the wrath of the monstrously greedy?

His promises to root out corruption are threatening both to government officials and capitalists deeply embedded in practices of crony capitalism and kleptocracy. His promises and rhetoric of favoring the poor leave business very uneasy even as he seeks to reassure them with soothing rhetoric and pro-business cabinet appointments. Business understands – and hopefully they are right – that he may be letting the genie of hope and rising expectations out of the bag. Thus, while some sectors of capital see him as a hope for a new stability, larger and more powerful sectors continue to see him as a dangerous prophet.

Will the People protect Obrador from the monstrously greedy?

Tom Usher

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