Donald J. Trump, denounce Israel's destruction of Khan Al Ahmar

Jews who agree with Israel's destruction of Khan Al Ahmar can go to hell. I don't care if those Jews are in Israel, the US, or anywhere else. I also couldn't give a damn how much any of them whine "anti-Semitic" about it.

Jews who denounce Israel's destruction of Khan Al Ahmar are a completely different story. I may not agree with everything those Jews think, say, or do, but I sure know they are right about Israel's destruction of Khan Al Ahmar.

As Khan Al Ahmar demonstrates all too clearly, there will be no end to the slow-motion erasure of Palestinian communities until western governments find the nerve to impose biting sanctions on Israel.

I gave up on the "Two-State Solution" long ago. It died a long time ago. Even if the world rams two states down the Palestinian's throats, it will never be the solution.

As for US President Donald J. Trump, he should be ashamed of himself. He has no guts to stand right in front of Benjamin Netanyahu and say that further destruction and further "settlements" and "settlement" expansions are over effective immediately, no debate, no discussion. It's over, period! He thinks he's strong? He's a wimp.

The entire rest of the world would completely back him. Nevertheless, he'll continue doing exactly the wrong thing and will go the same way as those Jews who perpetrate and support the ethnic cleansing for the sake of stealing land.

Tom Usher

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