... a false-flag operation intended to falsely accuse Iran of terrorism

Why is it that first the US verbally trashes a nation and then at the very most convenient time for the US and the worst time for the nation targeted by the US, something allegedly happens supposedly proving the US's point but that is never truly substantiated or allowed to be independently probed and then honestly commented upon? It's like a broken record. What are the odds of such a pattern occurring where the US is actually not fabricating?

The U.S. official said the administration takes the arrest of the diplomat "very seriously" and sees it as evidence that Iran is using diplomatic compounds in Europe and elsewhere as cover to plot terrorist attacks. The official dismissed Iranian suggestions that it was a "false flag" operation intended to falsely accuse Iran of terrorism.

Iran needs the help of European nations in keeping the nuclear deal alive. Why would Iran target the nations it needs most right now? It wouldn't. The US Trump administration, however, stands to gain a great deal if it can drive a wedge between Europe and Iran.

Tom Usher

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