The US plutocrats are out to get Daniel Ortega because Daniel is too much for the poor and democracy

Nicaragua has a backstory of violence: the revolutionary struggles of the 1970s against the repressive Somoza dictatorship, followed by the US-financed Contra war against the revolutionary Sandinista government in the 1980s (the US role in that war was condemned by the World Court in 1986 as a violation of international law). Electoral defeat for the Sandinistas in 1990 brought peace, but at the expense of 16 years of corrupt, neoliberal government that undid many of the gains of the revolution. Daniel Ortega’s election win in 2006 led to a decade of renewed social investment. Poverty fell by almost half between 2005 and 2016, according to World Bank data, from 48 percent to 25 percent. Nicaragua won praise for its low crime rate, limited drug-related violence, and community-based policing. Nor could the private sector complain: Nicaragua’s per-capita GDP increased by 38 percent—more than for any of its neighbors.
... snipers attacked opposition supporters leaving their demonstration, killing seven and injuring over 90, including 20 police.

That's what almost always happens when the US wants the leadership of a nation overthrown. It happened in Syria (CIA contractors killing both sides). It happened in Iran. It happened in Kiev. In Iraq, the US and UK backed newly formed death squads. The UK was even caught red handed prepping a false-flag attack. Fascists in Venezuela have been heavily funded, trained, and conducted by the US. Honduras suffered a US-orchestrated coup during the Obama administration. What's new?

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