The vaccine, Russiagate, and "born that way" narratives are very similar: brainwashing (all or nothing)

What's behind the vaccine, Russiagate, and "born that way" narratives? Money and control.


• Recent research found infectious influenza viruses in the exhaled breath of people who had gotten seasonal flu shots and contracted influenza. Those vaccinated two seasons in a row shed a greater viral load of influenza A virus

• According to the researchers, study results suggest there may be an association between flu vaccinations and the promotion of lung inflammation and increased shedding of influenza A viruses via breathing

• Studies also show annual vaccination leads to reduced protection against influenza; each vaccination is likely to make you progressively more prone to getting sick from influenza
... the notion that "the influenza vaccine is the best protection against seasonal influenza for everyone," is not supported by a large body of good scientific evidence. Recent basic science research into the shedding of influenza viruses adds yet another nail in the proverbial coffin of junk science that too often is used to promote seasonal flu shots.

As for Russia, the neocons and neolibs want to takeover so they can rule the country rather than the Russians ruling it.

As for the "born that way" meme, it's been thoroughly debunked. Genetics and epigenetics plays some roll for some people but certainly not a dominant or determinant one for the majority. Most sexuality is fluid, not fixed.

The plutocrats don't really care whether people below them are treated better. They care about using others to takeover yet others. They want it all for themselves. Those who are for the poor and for democracy (the real thing) are targeted for undermining and even murder if it comes to it.

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