Syrian war, on Israel's illegal doorstep, brings swirl of brainwashing

This article, "Syrian civil war, on Israel's doorstep, brings swirl of changing attitudes," by the Christian Science Monitor's Dina Kraft, makes me sick, but what's new? All false propaganda makes me sick.

"an anti-regime rebellion" - That's hogwash. Rebels come from within. The vast, vast majority of people who fought against the legitimate government of Syria were mercenaries who came from outside Syria and who were funded mainly by the worst of the worst sharia-law devils ready and willing to behead people for simply being Christian, people Assad protected before and is working to liberate from those maniacs to this day.

"Daraa – a rebel stronghold where the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad began in 2011" - Daraa was the place where snipers deliberately shot both sides in the protests. Those snipers were paid agents provocateurs, a standard CIA method whenever the CIA's owners and masters, the US plutocrats, want to take over a nation that isn't sufficiently submissive to the plutocrats' insistence on total economic dominance, dominance that spells systemic poverty by design.

“We saw how Israel treated Syrians in the last seven years, and the goodwill of the Israelis encouraged us to come to the border,” Mohammed told a group of reporters by Skype. “We know Israel is a strong country and no one can attack Israel.” - Who the Hell is this Mohammed? What did he want for Syria? Why did he side with the sharia-law devils against Assad's secular government? Perhaps the article is just leaving out the part where Mohammed really doesn't blame Assad for what's happened to Syria. The article doesn't make it clear, does it. That's by design too.

"civil war" - There was no civil war. There was an invasion.

"fighting between Israel and Syria that erupted in the 1973 Middle East war" - That war was started by Israel on purpose, which is a war crime. Why didn't the article say it? You know the answer.

"the territory that Israel first captured from Syria in 1967" - Israel holds that territory illegally.

"Islamist militants among the Syrian rebels" - Those militants are the real butchers and far outnumber Syrian so-called rebels.

"Israel decided the best way to minimize that threat was to encourage border villages and towns to keep such elements away – first by offering humanitarian assistance in the form of food, gasoline, and medical supplies, and then by expanding that help to include the treatment of wounded Syrians. To date some 5,000 Syrians have been treated in Israeli hospitals." - Yes, never expect the Zionist land-thieves to do anything out of any sense of altruism, only selfishness. Calling that smart is sick.

"But Israel has drawn the line at taking in refugees, citing potential security risks and fearing that such a move could set a precedent for letting in refugees from future conflicts on its border." - Yes, make sure when the Zionists become refugees to keep them out. Don't show them any Christian mercy while they beg for what they wouldn't give.

"imported Shiite forces" - Ah, Shiites are imported, not invited, while Sunni sharia-law devils are "rebels" in the "civil war."

"On Sunday, hammering home its zero tolerance of Iran’s presumed aims, Israel reportedly sent its jets to strike Syria’s T4 air base, which is used by Iran. It was one of several such strikes in recent months." - It was totally illegal! Of course, the fake-Christian "Science" Monitor writer is afraid to write it. God is watching you.

"the most Israel can hope to negotiate would be that the Iranians are kept deeper inside Syria." - Assad will decide and has decided, along with the Iranians, that the Iranians won't even be staying after the war. In other words, the whole "issue" is fake. It's false propaganda by Zionist land-thieves.

"Assaf Orion, a reserve brigadier general and a senior researcher at the International Institute for Security Studies at Tel Aviv University, offers a more restrained assessment, saying he does not see “much appetite on any front” for conflict soon. “All of the involved players understand the consequences of a war,” he says, “the grammar of violence is very constrained at the moment.” - Wow, someone is at least halfway intelligent.

"Mr. Putin, who can point to Syria to claim he has outmaneuvered the United States, Israel’s main ally." - Trump wouldn't have done to Syria what Obama did (at the behest of Hillary Clinton and her fellow neocon war-hawks). Putin didn't outmaneuver the United States. He just rolled back the loony neocons. The United States isn't neocons. Neocons are unfortunately a part of the United States.

"That said, if Israel continues to strike Iranian targets in Syria it will test Russia’s patience, warns Moshe Maoz, a Syria expert at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem." - Duh!

"it will take years, if not decades, to rehabilitate the country." - Wanna bet?

"There is no love lost between Israel and Assad. Israel regards him as a war criminal, the man who used chemical weapons on his own people." - There has been zero proof that Assad used any chemical weapons on his own people. There have only been unsubstantiated allegations. In fact, there is vastly more concrete evidence that the "chemical weapons attacks" have been false-flags at best. Isn't it telling that proven war criminals call others war criminals.

"Five years ago, the first wounded Syrians to wake up in Israeli hospitals were shocked and horrified, doctors recall, having grown up on stories of Israel as a cruel enemy. But later they returned home, in some cases after complicated series of reconstructive surgeries to repair gruesome war wounds, and told friends and neighbors of the excellent treatment they received in Israel, Syrian patients at the hospital say." - So what? It's already been made clear that the Zionists did that to maintain a buffer and not for reasons of true humanitarianism. Why spin it right in the same article? What's more, why not state who started the war and why? It was Barack Obama giving the green light, period. He did it after seeing the disaster he caused in Libya, something he called his worse decision, his biggest regret. Explain that. At least he finally made the chemical-weapons deal with Assad, thanks to Putin. He also finally made the nuclear deal with Iran, also thanks to Putin and even though Iran never had a nuclear-weapons program.

"The hospital is currently treating 40 Syrian patients." - How many sharia-law devils did it treat to send back into Syria to cause more utterly futile and counter-productive death and destruction?

“It’s a game changer here. We are going to treat anyone who walks into the hospital. We don’t see nationality or religion,” he said at a media briefing. “I am not here to butter you up with clichés, but this is what we do.” - That's not the Israeli government's reason. In addition, the Israeli government definitely sees nationality and religion all the time. Most Israelis freely admit to being racist and anti-Christian (of the real type) and especially if it comes in the form of Arab Christians, whom it regularly beats and steals land from right along with the other "inferiors" and "subhumans" who are to be made the slaves of the Zionists (religious Jews of the worst Torah and Talmudic type who literally run the established religion of Israel-in-name-only).

“I do it for my future, for my children,” Dr. Sela says. “If I can change the [attitudes] of the Syrian people, I will do it.” - What does that mean? Does he mean trick them into submission? Perhaps he's really anti-Netanyahu and a secret anti-political-Zionist. I doubt it, but the article doesn't make it clear, again on purpose.

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