Brainwashed, Brainwashing Media's Brazen Dishonesty about Trump Deal with North Korea

I remember journalism back when newspaper and magazine articles would run vastly more pages than now and when the level of journalism that's common today would not even make it to the back pages, not that all journalism was good back then. There was still false propaganda. It was just much more intellectual and much harder to fact check, not that fact checking is easy today. You sure can't depend upon so-called fact-checker websites. Plenty of those can spin with the best of them.

So here's Gareth Porter demolishing the mainstream of the mainstream on North Korea and not getting any exposure on it because the websites that will run it have all been deliberately marginalized at best.

... stories of supposed North Korean betrayal by NBC, CNN, and the Wall Street Journal are egregious cases of distorting news by pushing a predetermined policy line. But those news outlets, far from being outliers, are merely reflecting the norms of the entire corporate news system.

The stories of how North Korea is now violating an imaginary pledge by Kim to Trump in Singapore are even more outrageous, because big media had previously peddled the opposite line: that Kim at the Singapore Summit made no firm commitment to give up his nuclear weapons and that the “agreement” in Singapore was the weakest of any thus far.

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