The issues remain US war-crimes and Clinton election-cheating

"... if the criminal charges are proved ...." And if they aren't — if the Russians still didn't do it or it can't be proven they did, then what, crickets?

Look, Julian Assange isn't allowed to speak publicly on this right now because he's a prisoner and gagged. He never raped anyone. The women involved never accused him of raping them. He was wanted by US "intelligence" for leaking the truth about US war and other crimes and now because he embarrassed Hillary Clinton by revealing, among other things, her campaign cheated like crazy to beat Bernie Sanders. Of course, the fact that Hillary cheated and was exposed by WikiLeaks never garners WikiLeaks any thanks. All we hear is an endless stream that Russia interfered and tried to undermine, etc. Undermine? If the Russian government was behind the hacks and leaks, then thank you Russia! Though I don't believe anyone has proven Russia was behind anything. All I've ever seen is speculation at best and that based upon so-called evidence that plenty of high-school kids could conjure up as evidence out of thin air.

All of this is just the same old change the subject tactic of the neocons. The issues remain US war-crimes and Clinton election-cheating.

Tom Usher

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