Ex-Pinochet, US-backed colonel captured in Argentina for crimes against humanity

Please notice the total lack of any mention that the government of the US completely backed the Chilean dictatorship and even created it via a CIA-orchestrated coup against the duly elected leader of Chile, Salvador Allende. Then connect the dots concerning the current attempted CIA-orchestrated coups against Maduro of Venezuela and against Ortega of Nicaragua. These are coming on the heels of the CIA-conducted coups in Honduras and Brazil. It's a string of them, all designed to reestablish US total hegemony via US created, puppet, fascist dictatorships while censoring all news in the US about all the great things accomplished for the poor by left-wing governments throughout Central and South America where such left-wing governments were not killed in the womb by the US CIA {aka The National Endowment for Democracy (NED)}. It's also the real reason (US neoliberal-plutocrat hegemony and to hell with democracy) behind the invasion and occupation of Iraq, the overthrow in Libya, and the attempted overthrow of Bashar Assad of Syria. It's the real reason behind the coup in Ukraine too. It's the reason the US and US puppets are against the people of Donbass.

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