Kaspersky Lab has gotten a really bad rap by lying neocons

Kaspersky Lab has been one of the best of the best in cyber security. All truly experienced and sincerely ethical hackers know it too. An ethical hacker is someone who hacks for the right reason, to find vulnerabilities to report them ethically and responsibly so entities and software developers and the firms and people who use the products can be protected via patches and updates before the bad guys can exploit or further exploit them and such. Many such hackers make their livings doing it. The best of them study disclosures a great deal to learn from others. They have seen the real history of Kaspersky's direct and relentless involvement in plugging holes and in ethical and responsible disclosure. It's why Kaspersky was used throughout the US government before the neocons and fake-liberal interventionists (US empire builders at all costs) ramped up their false-propaganda attacks on Russia in general.

After exhausting all other possibilities to resolve the issue directly with the Dutch newspaper, we went to a Dutch court to defend our reputation. Fortunately, the judge presiding over the case confirmed today that Kaspersky Lab is due a full and proper rectification, and for that we are very grateful. But the significance of this case doesn’t end there.

Tom Usher

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