Russia, Russia, Russia did it? I'm still waiting for actual proof. I've seen zero! Stand your ground, Mr. President. You have only the world to save.

I wouldn't even be commenting on the "Russia, Russia, Russia did it" narrative were it not for United States President Donald Trump's visit with Russia President Vladimir Putin in the face of the ridiculous indictment of 12 alleged Russian government personnel alleged to have hacked the DNC and John Podesta (even though those internal leaks proved the Clinton campaign cheated, which should always have been the news and reason to dump Hillary).

"Trump for his part blamed bad relations between Moscow and Washington on the US investigation into alleged Russian election meddling."

Well, the neocons unmitigated hatred for all things Russian is at the bottom of it all. They hate Russia because Russia has refused to knuckle under and to play by the Western-plutocrat-dominated neoliberal-economic rules. They hate Russia because it insists upon charting its own course rather than fall into line with the false-propaganda and brainwashing spewed by the dupes and minions of those plutocrats.

I'm certainly not saying that no critiquing of Russia or Putin is allowed, far from it. Just let it be sincere, rational, reasonable and not stated as proven fact and enforced as such while still unsubstantiated, while still mere opinion/speculation at best.

"For the president of the United States to side with President Putin against American law enforcement, American defense officials, and American intelligence agencies is thoughtless, dangerous, and weak." That's what the US Israel-First Senator, Chuck Schumer had to say when President Trump didn't cave to the neocon drivel. Caving is weak. Standing firm is a demonstration of strength. Of course, it must be kept in mind that the onslaught against getting along with Russia is being put forth by ethical pipsqueaks. Don't cave to that, Mr. President. You stand by your statement about "U.S. foolishness and stupidity." If you do, the cognitive dissonance will be smashed. You simply have to hang in there and give it time to come out. You're driving the narrative. They want you on the defensive concerning everything you've said about it. Don't let them off the hook. Don't let them change the subject. Where's their real proof? The onus is on them to substantiate their allegations. Hammer away with President Putin's offer about doing things legally. If you do, the Russia-haters can't win.

Trump hasn't sided against American law enforcement, American defense officials, and American intelligence agencies where those with those agencies haven't been completely bought by the evil war-mongers and "neocons," who have started every war the US has entered since before I was born.

Chuck Schumer is panicking that the neocon-Zionist Russia-hate is slipping. He fears the age-old Russia-hate and useless and totally idiotic, counter-productive cold war is dying and Trump is killing it. The cold war should die. NATO should die right with it.

I completely agree that Trump stand up against all the nonsense about Russia and do so for the real good of the American and Russian People. Sure, Trump has cards he's not showing. He has plans he's not revealing. Some of those cards and plans may be bad in my eyes. He's already caved way too much and committed war crimes in Syria. He also does worse than turn a blind eye to Netanyahu's monstrously evil treatment of people from whom Zionists stole land. But I will continue to pick and choose what I agree with and what I don't and do so with righteousness as my guide.

Paul Ryan weighed in, but Paul Ryan would throw his own mother under a bus just to keep the Koch brothers' insane and duplicitous Randian support. Well, wrong, Paul! There is no question that you spread garbage as fact. There is also zero question but that Russia could be America's best ally if America would wake the hell up.

Dan Coats says the neocons attacks on Russia have been clear. No kidding, Dan. Where's your evidence? I don't give a damn that you think piling on is the same thing as proof. It isn't. All your obfuscation can't alter that fact (yes, that's what a fact is: something true, not made up by a bunch of neocons who then spin findings to fit their thin-air, mixed-confidence, cherry-picked, knavish analyst narratives).

Now this truly is a stroke of genius:

Putin also suggested Monday that Moscow and Washington could jointly conduct criminal investigations into a dozen Russian intelligence officials accused of hacking during the 2016 U.S. election campaign — an idea Trump hailed as an "incredible offer."

Asked if Russia could extradite the 12 Russian military intelligence officers, Putin challenged the U.S. to take advantage of a 1999 agreement envisaging mutual legal assistance.

He said the agreement would allow U.S. officials to request that Russian authorities interrogate the 12, adding that U.S. officials could request to be present in such interrogations.

Putin noted that Russia would expect the U.S. to return the favor and cooperate in the Russian probe against William Browder, a British investor charged of financial crimes in Russia. Browder was a driving force behind a U.S. law targeting Russian officials over human rights abuses.

At this point, I would counsel President Trump to carry on from this day forward in a manner consistent with totally normalized relations with Russia and President Putin. I say, invite President Putin to the US, to the White House, and roll out the red carpet. Make deals with Russia that will truly benefit the world, not the rich, but the world, things God will smile upon.

Frankly, Donald Trump is a mover and shaker on par with few previous US Presidents. Reagan's overtures to the USSR were refreshing, coming from someone with Reagan's death-squad side, but not as dramatic as what Trump is doing now. Reagan wasn't being trashed by crazy zealots the way Trump is. Nixon went to China but did it naively and for the wrong reasons. Trump isn't being fooled by anyone, not by Putin, not by anyone, on Russia. He's being quite realistic and appreciative of the nuclear-weapons situation, which weapons Putin definitely does not want to be pushed into using to ward off or threaten war-hawk-nuts such as US Senator John McCain.

Trump has learned a great deal in office. Anyone who doesn't see that he's gotten better at it isn't paying attention. At this rate and by next year, he'll be in full stride, though confronting his domestic economic blunders (massive and completely ill-timed corporate tax cuts). It will take him another year after that to get his head screwed on totally straight if he's ever going to. If he can pull it off, he'll be reelected and have an opportunity to make up for blunders, as much as that's possible, and go down as a truly great President, for whatever that's worth. He could rise above FDR and perhaps rival Kennedy in terms of what JFK would have done for America had the CIA monsters not murdered him.

Watch your back, Mr. President. Make sure your Secret Service detail is totally loyal and not filled with nutty neocons or Allen Dulles types. With talk like John Brennan's, calling treasonous your reaching out to Putin and not simply selling the unproven Russia-did-it narrative, you need to be vigilant. Your people need to be vigilant. Remember, John Brennan bugged the US Senate and got away with it rather than being imprisoned. He, along with the proven liar James Clapper, were instrumental in this whole false-narrative called Russiagate. Call them out for it! Hammer on them. They're sheer evil. Don't be cowed or duped by them.

Trump does not seem to grasp that he could be better off to accept the premise that Russia probably interfered in 2016, and then work backward from there, says Andrew Wright, an associate professor at Savannah Law School in Georgia and former assistant counsel to Vice President Al Gore.

He could say that he stands with America, and will defend it against all such attempts at meddling, and that he supports a full investigation into the matter. That’s happening anyway, and it’s politically better to get in front of such a probe, Wright says. It’s a time-honored political two-step that Trump does not appear to understand or embrace.

"Trump does not seem to grasp that he could be better off to accept the premise that Russia probably interfered in 2016, and then work backward from there." That is positively evil! That is pure Machiavellian. It's throwing fact, truth, ethics, and morals out the window for false political expediency. It's exactly what Vladimir Putin would refuse to do in Russia were he in the same spot. It's everything that is, and always has been, wrong with American politics. God, what a scummy idea. What an evil thing to suggest to a President to do!

What we need is not a game player but a real truth-lover and stickler as leader.

Tom Usher

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