The timing of attacks on Trump and Russia/Putin spells conspiracy

So, Trump announces he's going to meet with Putin. Mueller announces an indictment of 12 Russian Military personnel.

Trump meets with Putin. The US-neocon-mainstream media (is there a non-neocon-US-mainstream media?) piles on against the positives of that meeting.

Trump stands his ground. The US neocons and "liberals" roll out news on Pussy Riot, Anna Politkovskaya, and Maria Butina.

The thrust is that Pussy Riot was wrong but the punishment was too long. Anna Politkovskaya's killers were caught, prosecuted, and sentenced by the Russian government; however, the person who ordered the killers to kill Anna haven't been identified by Russian law-enforcement. (Has US law-enforcement openly and accurately identified who ordered the assassinations of JFK, MLK, and RFK? I didn't think so.) Maria Butina allegedly cozied up to the NRA too much, and there may be a way to spin that into Russia did it (everything ever alleged against Russia by the neocons).

Meanwhile, the timing of it all spells conspiracy.

Tom Usher

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