Trump has stampeded the Russia haters via the best summit in my lifetime. They are absolutely scared out of their minds.

The Russia haters are totally afraid that because Trump won't cave into them that, that will gain time for the real truth to come out. The haters have been scrambling and now see that they've utterly failed. The more they protest, the more they show their true colors: hysterical empire-builders on behalf of the darkside: the greediest of the greedy.

When I think about just how awful things would be right now had Hillary Clinton won, I feel very relieved.

A lie may go halfway around the globe before the truth gets its pants on, but once the truth does get its pants on and has time to circle the globe (which is faster with every passing day), the liars are exposed for what they are: sick monsters who don't give a damn about what's really right. All they want is their own power over others, power they don't deserve for even a millisecond. They are THE problem. They are sociopaths and psychopaths who've lorded it over the meek for long enough. It's time for them to go, every last one of them, permanently!

If Trump is an instrument in accomplishing that, if he is able to wake up enough for it, then hallelujah! He may not be the second coming, but he will be someone who truly serves it happening.

I didn't like Barack Obama's Presidency, but I did pray for him to see the light. He did catch glimpses. Unfortunately, Trump doesn't see the glimpses Obama finally saw. Trump is still mesmerized by some false notion of "Israel," which the real Israel (Jacob) would puke over were he here and now to see the disgusting things done in his spiritual name (he who wrestles with God, meaning he who wrestles with his own conscience and repents, which Jacob did).

So, what truth has come out and why should people of good will rejoice and not despair? Here's an excellent article by Joe Lauria everyone should share and spread. It's exactly along the same lines I've been pushing for a long time now and did more today before seeing Joe's work.

I must tell you that Trump summit with Putin is the biggest summit in my lifetime. It's the best summit in my lifetime. Nothing else even comes close.

Tom Usher

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