Trump went back to caving on Russian "hacking"

He's done this sort of thing on this very issue before. However, he's never totally pinned down on it, as he's never asked the right questions about it.

Trump changed the word "would" to "wouldn't" be Russia (meddling in the US election). That's appeasement. He said he accepts the conclusions of the "intelligence" that Russia meddled. That's appeasement. If you listen to Trump and watch him closely, it is obvious he doesn't believe what he's saying but that he's simply saying it for exactly the wrong reason: the reason suggested to him by the Machiavellian, Andrew Wright, an associate professor at Savannah Law School. If he believed it, he wouldn't keep bringing up the same issues he raised during his campaign.

Vladimir Putin will only trust Trump so far. Mr. Putin has made that very clear all along. He sees the history of the US in its dealings with Russia and doesn't ever want to make the mistake of simply trusting any American President. He'll want everything in writing as never before, and he won't let down his guard while the US remains militarily strong.

Tom Usher

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