U.S. lawmakers urge Google, Facebook to resist Vietnam cybersecurity law but not the same thing in the US

Seventeen U.S. lawmakers have urged the CEOs of Facebook and Google to resist changes stipulated by a new cybersecurity law in Vietnam, which critics say gives the Communist-ruled state more power to crackdown on dissent.

Why don't US lawmakers stand up right here in the US against Facebook and Google and others being pushed into censoring and marginalizing dissenting views by Americans about American policy and practices? Answer: hypocrisy.

Only the neocon view has free rein. Anti-neocon and anti-"liberal" interventionist views have been largely banned, their hits cut way back, their listings relegated to far down in the listings.

A proper investigation would show that it is all the result of an illegal agreement/conspiracy started by the CIA's handlers: neocon and "liberal" interventionist plutocrats.

Tom Usher

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