Why do the Russian People want to get along with America while so many Americans try to trash Russia?

Read this, and ask yourself why the Russian People want to get along with America and Americans while so many Americans hate Russia and Russians (ethnic bigotry).

When I was young, all of my friends and I talked about how great it would be if the Cold War would end and the United States and Russia could become great friends and allies. Well, Reagan "spent the Russian military under the table" in order to induce the USSR to negotiate. Reagan was friendly (at least on the outside) to Gorbachev, who was extremely receptive to thawing relations and moving toward social democracy for the USSR. Unfortunately, George H.W. Bush presided over the collapse of the Berlin Wall and didn't lift a finger to help Russia through the transition. In fact, he sent in economic rapists. Russia went into a massive, deep, and long economic depression. Russia's crown jewels, it's major industries, were sold for pennies on the dollar to hyper-greedy vultures out for themselves, not the Russian People. Bill Clinton only made matters vastly worse by propping up Yeltsin and by breaking nearly every promise made to Gorbachev. Along came Putin, who literally saved Russia from all of that.

Bill Browder, of US Magnitsky Act infamy, was one of the vultures who ended up in Russia to rape it. He's the person Putin wants Russian prosecutors to be able to question on the record, etc., in exchange for US prosecutors questioning on the record the 12 Russian-military-intelligence members accused by Mueller of hacking the DNC and Podesta. Putin wants the truth to come out on both sides concerning everything. The US neocons are scared to death of that because the real truth will ruin them. Putin knows that (so does Trump), and so should you.

Here we are now with false-propagandists from the CIA everywhere in the US mainstream, neocon-dominated, corporate media, which has censored all dissenting voices on the subject, hammering away, brainwashing Americans into hating Russia, when Russia has been on the receiving end of all the lies and broken deals and has only reacted to American imperialism around the world, but primarily in Georgia, Ukraine, and Syria.

Putin is the best leader Russia has ever had and a much better person than every single one of his detractors in the US with much name recognition in or out of government. Putin is not my enemy. Russia is not my enemy. My enemies are those in the US who fight for American imperialism against those who truly stand up for the poor around the globe. Those enemies aren't the US. They are only a sick part of the US. They are a malignant cancer on the body politic. The body needs to reject that cancer or die.

Tom Usher

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