Calling Trumps meeting with Putin Treason is Treason

It is ridiculous just how stupid so many people are in so-called high places in the US government. The fact is that it is closer to treason to call what Trump did with his summit with Putin treasonous than anything Trump has ever done. That's because Trump's action didn't do anything constituting treason, while those who claim the opposite are attempting to overthrow him as the duly elected President of the United States (overthrow the government of the US via illegal means: blatantly false accusations designed to mislead the People into chaotically supporting illegal means, lies, to remove the President). Trump did not do anything to overthrow the US government. He did nothing to make war on the US. He did nothing to help an enemy of the US in making war against the US. What he did was to try to defuse tensions between the US and Russia, which plenty of Presidents before him have done and during times where the stated ideologies of the two nations were much further apart than now.

Tom Usher

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