Trump-Putin exceeds Kennedy-Khrushchev because of Browder-Magnitsky scam

The only comparable back and forth between a US President and a leader of Russia was John Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev concerning the Cuban Missile Crisis (and subsequent communications between them). However, this summit between Trump and Putin exceeds Kennedy and Khrushchev not because the immediate tension and immediate threat of war is greater now. It actually isn't and hasn't been. It exceeds it for its openness and because it comes at a time when the brainwashing of the supposed left by supposed "liberals" is greater than even during the height of the Cold War. That's because even though the "Red Scare" was pushed and pushed and pushed, the masses of Americans were still keenly interested in avoiding war at nearly all costs. The same cannot be said today about the "liberal" Russia haters who dupe the masses into being more afraid of Putin than Americans were of Stalin.

The Trump-Putin Summit exposes Bill Browder and the Magnitsky Act for what they are: shams. Browder, just like Alexei Navalny, is a scam artist. Browder was a vulture who helped rape Russia when Russia was down with a Great Depression that made the US Great Depression look like a cakewalk. Navalny is a racist-nationalist lauded as a reformer by the US "liberal" Russia haters. Browder dodged taxes, made up a wild story about is accomplice in crime, Magnitsky, ditched out of Russia, and went on a campaign to trash Putin with the aid of the neocon establishment. If he didn't, then let him face Russian investigators questioning him right here in the US so we may all hear and see the evidence Russia says it has against him. If he won't or the US won't allow it, then that speaks volumes that Browder is a liar and the US neocon Magnitsky Act is a scam.

Put up or shut up, neocons.

Tom Usher

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