The "liberal" narrative on Carter Page shows their corruption and insatiable greed

U.S. intelligence agencies unanimously concurred that Russia interfered in the 2016 campaign.

Such spinning! Three agencies took cherry-picked analysts who came up with two of the three saying that they would not sign off on any statement that any such alleged interference was to get Trump elected. Such clarifying language is deliberately left out so you may be further brainwashed.

Not to mention, there has been zero proof the Russian government was behind anything at all along any such lines (interfering). Trump's a sap for going along with it at all. Furthermore, interference is a sweeping term. It can mean almost anything, including simply covering a story. The fact is that the sum total of all the alleged (before Mueller's most recent indictment against 12 Russians) actions supposedly constituting interference amount to a tiny, tiny mole hill at best. It pales in comparison to what the US government does all over the world, including in Russia. Lastly, allegations do not constitute proof. The fact is that under US law, all 12 Russians, and all other Russians indicted, are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The mainstream, neocon, mass media is not a court of law. It's a false-propaganda machine, and I feel sorry for anyone who thinks otherwise.

Anyone is really naive who thinks Carter Page would have been raked over the coals had Trump not run or not won.

This entire thing has always been, and still is, about nothing but people with insatiable greed for power seeking to take down someone else by any means they can get away with, with truth, ethics, morals, and all the rest of the good being damned. Well, to Hell with them if they don't stop, turn, and sincerely repent, including doing their best to make amends.

Tom Usher

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