Meet Bill Browder: The Man Behind the Magnitsky Myth – Part 1

You trust this guy? I never have. Did you know Magnitsky was not a lawyer? I did. He was Browder's accountant. Did you know that Browder didn't pay taxes on the money he took out of Russia? I did. Did you know Browder was one of the oligarchs Putin undid so the Russian people could have their national assets back rather than leaving a bunch of vultures with those assets at pennies on the dollar handed to them by an alcoholic Boris Yeltsin when Russia was in a deep, deep economic depression? I did. If you didn't know all of that, why didn't you? Do you think perhaps it was due to neocons, and the mass media they control, lying to you by covering up the truth? Do you care, or are you simply more interested in promoting a new cold war? Do you know that the only basis upon which there is a Magnitsky Act in the US is Bill Browder's word? Do you think the US legislators who passed that Act gave a damn whether Bill Browder was telling the truth or not?

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