The "Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel" was window dressing

So, Daniel Barenboim penned a heartfelt article: "This racist new law makes me ashamed to be Israeli."

I fully understand his feelings and agree with him if the declaration is limited to his interpretation. Unfortunately, the declaration was never what he apparently thought it was or is meant to be. It is very clear that David Ben-Gurion and others instrumental in bringing forth the "Jewish State of Israel" always planned the ethnic cleansing that took place.

Look, it's akin to Christians in name only arriving in North America to settle it by ethnically cleansing the settled areas of indigenous tribes and by importing slaves from Africa, many of whom were brought to America in chains by Jews.

Those "Christians" wrote the Declaration of Independence for the US while having zero intention of honoring it where the indigenous or black Africans were concerned (among others). Those "Christians" ended up stealing huge swaths of land, including from Mexico.

It would be naive and ignorant of me not to know and state these things.

So, sure, stand up for what should have been the spirit behind the Declaration(s), but don't fail to know that that spirit was not the original intention of the "Founders" here or there.

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