Is Rachel Maddow screaming against talking to the Taliban?

If the US can't talk with Russia, how can the US talk with the Taliban? Maybe the US shouldn't talk with anyone.

Of course, that would be ridiculous. Meanwhile, the Maddow crowd chants death to Russia (in so many words).

It seems quite clear to me that Maddow has the greater sin.

You know, if the Taliban can't be negotiated with, then the Islamic State (which is vastly worse) will continue gaining in Afghanistan. Is that what Maddow wants?

Maybe she'll say that she's for everyone talking to everyone except for Russia.

Who'll put her on the spot to make a consistent statement about such things? Who will put her duped followers into being put on that same spot?

Where are the journalists, the competitors, who'll press her for exactly why she hates Russia so much more than apparently any other country?

Does she hate the right-wing Zionist Project as much? If not, why not?

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