Ortega is more right than wrong relative to Trump

The real root cause of the violence, he argued, was US entities that for the past decade have been "allocating millions so that Nicaragua upholds 'democracy,' they say, but which are diverted to destabilize the country and encourage armed actions."

He said: "The truth is that we are facing a powerful enemy that has intervened militarily in Nicaragua, which is the United States."

Well, he's absolutely right about that. The reason the US has done that is because Ortega and the government of Nicaragua have put the welfare of the poorest of the poor before the richest of the rich getting richer while those poor get poorer. Every single time the US harps against, attacks, and sanctions, etc., a progressive government anywhere on the planet, that's what it is always really about.

The US government will whine about democracy, even when the target is more democratic than the US and even while the US government has zero problem "trading" with totalitarian dictatorships so long as those dictatorships play plutocrat ball with those who really run the US.

Trump is no different on this issue, and he is not held to account for it by the mainstream media in the US because that mainstream media is also owned by those same plutocrats.

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