Obama Says Inequality Led to Rise of the Right, but Takes No Responsibility for It (2/2)

In the first segment, it bothered me that Leo called them pragmatists. I'm relieved that he clarified, though in a roundabout way, that he means fake pragmatists (because what they want cannot work). We are idealists, but idealism of the democratic-socialist kind is the true pragmatism.

As for Obama being so much better than others out there, I disagree. He's only better now that he's out of office where he has nothing much to lose in the running-for-office sense or setting his in-office legacy. Frankly, this video 2-part series is his legacy and whether he knows that or likes that or not.

The best things he did in office were cutting the chemical-weapons deal with Assad and cutting the Iranian nuclear deal. He was awful on Venezuela while trying to cozy up to Cuba to split the left (the pink tide in the Americas).

I never liked him, always said he is a phony, and always lamented that anyone fell for his double-standard spiel.


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