Why the Neocons Hate Russia (even more than they hate everyone else)

The modern pro-Israel neoconservatism arose in the 1960s when formerly Marxist Jewish intellectuals in New York City and Washington DC, who were even more anti-communist than anti-Nazi (if they weren’t in some ways even pro-Nazi), became impassioned with the U.S. empire being extended to the entire world by spreading ‘democracy’ (and protection of Israel) as if this Israel-protecting empire were a holy crusade not only against the Soviet Union, which was demonized by neocons, but against Islam, which also was demonized by them (since they were ethnocentric Jews and the people whose land the ‘Israelis’ had stolen were overwhelmingly Muslims — who now were very second-class citizens in their own long-ancestral and also birth-land, ‘Israel’).

This was how neoconservatives distinguished themselves from “paleoconservatism”, which wasn’t nearly so Messianic, but which was more overtly ethnocentric, though ethnic Christian (and mainly Roman Catholic), instead of ethnic Jewish. The “paleoconservatives” were isolationists, not imperialists. They originated from the opponents of America’s entry into WWII against the imperialists of that time, who were the fascists. Those American “isolationists” (now called “paleoconservatives”) would have given us a world controlled by Hitler and his Axis allies — and maybe even they would have supported Hitler against Stalin, since they were rabid against communists. All conservatism is absurd, but there are many forms of it, none of which makes intelligent sense, and no type has compassion for anyone who is unlike themselves.

~ Eric Zuesse (Source)

What's missing in Eric's article? Pogroms and Straussianism.

The Jews of the neocon variety hate Russia because Russia was Orthodox Christian and didn't knuckle under concerning Talmudic Judaism versus Christianity. I don't know the validity concerning the narratives surrounding what are termed the pogroms against the Jews in Russia. Considering the whoppers told by right-wing Zionists about Palestine in the lead up to moving there and while taking over, it's difficult to simply trust the pogrom narrative.

As for Straussianism, it's true roots are masked more and more over time. Straussianism, however, is first and foremost about the esoteric "understanding" of Plato's philosophy of duping the masses via the Big Lie. You can study that. By the way, notice how neatly it fits into the lies the Zionists told over and over and over, huge lies, about Palestine.

As for Strauss himself, his philosophy is such that you can't even trust his own explanation for it. He emphasized the Greek or Western (Hellenistic) mode of thought over the Jewish, but frankly, his stated philosophy fits perfectly with the Talmudic. It's seems more a diversion to throw people off track concerning the Talmudic.

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