... I might give a tinker's damn about what they think about anti-Semites in the Party.

... Corbyn stopped short of agreeing to adopt in full an internationally accepted definition of anti-Semitism, along with a series of examples, as sought by Jewish groups.

"an internationally accepted definition"? Notice how the article didn't come right out and say that, that definition is that negative criticism of Israeli government policy is anti-Semitism. Also notice how "internationally accepted" is left hanging to give the false impression that it is widely accepted by the majority. It is not widely accepted by the majority. Most thinking and honest people know full well that it is not anti-Semitism, per se, to find fault with Israeli government policy.

Lastly, notice how the article puts a huge emphasis upon "real problem." A "real problem" doesn't mean a huge problem. It means that it is real that some people in the Party are really anti-Semitic, as in hating Jews for simply being Jews, which is the real definition of anti-Semitism.

When those who whine about anti-Semitism that isn't anti-Semitism start giving a tinker's damn about innocent, unarmed Palestinians being sniped to death by Jews in Israel doing that murdering under orders from the Israeli government, I might give a tinker's damn about what they think about anti-Semites in the Party.

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