Saudi crackdown: Women's rights activists arrested in Saudi Arabia [is Russian meddling]

So, over and over and over we are told that the terrible Russians are trying to magnify discord in the USA to keep us in the USA from unifying. Well, unifying around what? Here's the dreaded RT (Russia Today) channel magnifying discord to keep us from unifying around which side in this? On one hand, the US mainstream media tells us how great the Saudi's MBS is. On the other hand, the US mainstream media tells us how we're supposed to stand up for women's rights as human rights. So, again, exactly what is Russia doing wrong here?

Human Rights Watch and Amnesty international are reporting that two prominent women's rights activists have been arrested in Saudi Arabia.

Are we not supposed to be informed of that? If so, why aren't we? If the US mainstream has reported on it, then how is that not sowing discord and keeping us from unifying? Perhaps it's the way it's spun. MBS can only do so much at once, is that it? Cut him slack while the Saudi women have to wait out another century or two before they can be as free as men? If that's the argument, then I'm not going to unify around it regardless of what any Russians or anyone else says about it. Therefore, grow up about all your "Russia, Russia, Russia" nonsense.

I don't need you filtering what the Russians can or can't say to me via the Internet. If I'm free and if there's freedom of political speech, then there must be freedom of political hearing as well.

I'm not saying there shouldn't be limits on what's on the Internet. I'm simply saying that the Russian government, even if all the allegations leveled against it by the "Russia, Russia, Russia" nuts were true, hasn't crossed the line.


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