The economy is a household

What if, instead, economy is all the ways that we meet our material needs and care for each other? And what if it’s not a singular thing? Then we would see that beneath the official capitalist economy are all sorts of thriving non-capitalist economies, where there may not be a profit motive or market exchange. They include tasks that we do every day. We care for our children and elderly; we cook and clean for ourselves and each other; we grow food; we provide emotional support to friends. These are all ways of meeting our material needs and caring for each other.

For many, these economies, which foster solidarity and are rooted in values of democracy and justice rather than maximizing profit, are invisible or not recognized as “economic”; they are merely how we go about our lives.


For decades, I've been trying to get everyone to understand that economics is about running the household. On the national level, the nation is to be viewed as a household, a very large house when it's a very large nation. The world's economy should be run as a single household.

Remember, there was a time when there were households before there was money. We have money now and still have households.

What we confront is the false notion that money should come from the banking industry.

A real world-household requires no banking industry. It only requires real democracy. Money is only a measurement and should be issued by the whole People of the planet via the People's democratic decision. One such decision should be that it be automatic.

See: Monetary-and-Banking-Reform Platform for The United States:

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