Israel PM, Netanyahu, defends clearly racist law

Please notice how the US media hasn't pressed Netanyahu on whether non-Jews in Israel have full equal rights. Notice that this new law enshrines ethnocracy, which answers the first point, showing that non-Jews in Israel do not have full equal rights. Notice that the whole point of the law is to prevent Palestinians from exercising their full right under international law to return to their properties they fled as real war-refugees.

By the way, what's Rachel Maddow's position concerning this new racist law of Israel? What's her answer for why Russia doesn't have any such law and neither does the USA? Russia is a melting pot of ethnicities and so is the USA. Does she complain against any states that push for ethnic nationalism? If so, why the double-standard concerning Israel; or, is it that she's just too busy with "Russia, Russia, Russia" so, for the sake of the current iteration of "Zionism" and other evils, she can throw every sap off the most important issues in the world?

Tom Usher

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