Taibbi: Beware the Slippery Slope of Facebook Censorship

"The social network is too big and broken to properly function, and these “fixes” will only create more problems." ~ Matt Taibbi

The sheer market power of these companies over information flow has always been the real threat. This is why breaking them up should have long ago become an urgent national priority.

Instead, as was obvious during the Senate hearing with Mark Zuckerberg earlier this year, politicians are more interested in using than curtailing the power of these companies. The platforms, for their part, will cave rather than be regulated. The endgame here couldn’t be clearer. This is how authoritarian marriages begin, and people should be very worried.


Well, the article is the best thing I've seen from Matt Taibbi in, like, forever. He had been tiptoeing lately in my estimation. In this one, he takes a firm stand where he should. Good job, Matt! Keep at it.

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