"... the ultimate goal of the Alt State is to redefine news." Actually, it's to take back "news."

Slowly – in my view too slowly – the aware segment of the populace is growing….helped by the same internet trying so hard in so many ways to deny reality. This is why the new priority for the Great Unelected is to clamp down on emerging online news sites and the blogosphere by promoting the idea that “fake news” only ever emanates from a “lunatic fringe”. Their primary weapon is thus to describe criticism as “online abuse” from deranged lunatics.

Redefining criticism is bad enough; but really, the ultimate goal of the Alt State is to redefine news.


There was a time before when the deep state controlled all the media for the most part. They have wanted that back and have taken it far beyond where it was at its prior height. If you're wondering when that prior height was, study the time when Hollywood had its black list of screen writers. Naturally, that black list wasn't just applied to Hollywood. It was applied in all the magazines, newspapers, and major book-publishing houses too. It was very heavy-handed. It's even worse now and came on extremely rapidly, in a panic actually.

The real progressive-left is now speaking only to itself and hardly realizes it.

I saw it coming for many years. I saw that left arrogantly and smugly discarding real arguments, valid arguments, against its approach, against its embrace of identity politics over everything else. Then when real progressive economics stood a chance of succeeding, all the right-wing-economics class had to do was marginalize the real progressives who had been focusing on identity but economic class, economic exploitation, and the like. Even many of them never really knew who their real friends were. They took, and still take, the "we don't need him, her, them" idea. But they do if they are to succeed, not compromise, not be corrupted (further), and hold on.

Truth is the only disinfectant.

Tom Usher

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