The Zionist-brainwashed administration of Donald Trump

"They're the world's largest state sponsor of terror," Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told Indonesian television in an interview Sunday. "That's what America is trying to get Iran to stop doing. That's the behavioral change that we're looking for from the Iranian regime."


What a crock! Pompeo was referring to Hezbollah. Hezbollah supports the Palestinians' right of return, as does the government of Iran. Iran supports Hezbollah. Both are Shiite Muslim. The Muslims of Palestine (including Gaza) are Sunni. Hamas runs the government of Gaza. Hezbollah and Hamas are designated terrorist groups by the US simply because both are anti-right-wing Zionist and are opposed to those Zionists having impunity over Palestine. If it were not for those Zionists, there would be no issue. Trump is on the wrong side of the issue because he's been brainwashed by those Zionists.

If any nation should be sanctioned, it's Israel, which is an Apartheid regime worse than was South Africa's.

To top it off, the Trump administration is completely inconsistent about caring about ending and preventing terrorism via sanctions. How else can one explain Saudi Arabia getting all the deals it wants while supporting the worst of the worse via its official Wahhabism, which gave rise to al Qaeda and the Islamic State's reign of terror across much of Iraq and Syria? The Saudis funded al Qaeda affiliates outright in Syria. The Saudis throw women in prison for wanting equality. Where's Trump on that? He's too cowardly to speak right up and to do anything real about it. Why is Trump opposed to the Palestinians' right of return under international law to which the US is signatory? Why is he not openly opposed to the ethnocracy called Israel? In a word, money! He worships it.

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