AP Explains: Why the 2016 Trump Tower meeting matters [No it doesn't]

The article has it entirely wrong.

Even if compromising materials could be considered a campaign contribution, the contribution would have had to happen. It didn't.

One might claim that agreeing to a meeting under the assumption that compromising materials would be forthcoming is itself illegal. However, the meeting was never offered by the Russians as an offer to supply compromising materials.

In addition, if the compromising info had been on offer and had included proof of illegal activity by Hillary Clinton or her campaign, then what? What was the younger Trump to do, tell the Russians to supply the info to the FBI and chance that illegality by Clinton be swept under the rug, as it already was by the FBI?

There's also the fact that the Clinton campaign spent money to obtain materials from foreign entities, materials alleged by the Clinton campaign to be compromising concerning Donald Trump. If Trump's in trouble, surely so is Clinton still.

To top it off, that Clinton/FBI-paid-for material was then used to obtain warrants from the secret (FISA) court.

The most important aspect, however, isn't even touched in the article. If Trump and Putin or if the Trump campaign and the Russian government were illegally colluding, then why did Trump, Jr., need that meeting and why wasn't anything forthcoming from it? The answer is obvious.

There was no such collusion, and the Mueller probe is an illegally formed fishing expedition netting some people who will have the full right to appeal based upon that fact. The evidence against those netted people was not obtained in good faith but rather the clear opposite.

The entire design of the Russiagate narrative has been to undertake a coup against the Trump administration. That's illegal!

I disagree with the Trump administration on many matters, but this attempted coup is utterly disgusting and needs to be put down. Were I the President of the United States, I would have killed that coup attempt the very moment it raised its ugly head. I might have faced impeachment, but I would not have been removed from office and would have relished the opportunity to give the nation a lesson in not only democracy but Constitutional law.

The problem with Trump is, he can't handle it even when it's handed to him on a silver platter such as this.

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