Yemen: US allies strike deals with al-Qaida in war on rebels [Trump's policy on Yemen is stupid]

When the AP reports something even slightly negative for the US neocons, you know they're most likely reporting on something hiding in plain sight that really cannot be denied.

So, what's the difference between what Trump is doing in Yemen and what Assad and Putin are doing in Syria?

Trump is reportedly allowing US money to be funneled directly to al Qaeda because the Houthis in Yemen are encouraged by the Iranians.

Assad and Putin allow former "rebels" to give up their arms and either reconcile and reintegrate into Syrian society under the legitimate government of Assad or be transported for free and unmolested to the north, where other "rebels" have also all been relocated.

Trump is treating the Houthis as worse than al Qaeda because of Iran being a nation-state openly more opposed to the right-wing Zionists stealing and keeping Palestinian lands than is any other nation-state on the Earth (so far). However, the Houthis are vastly better than al Qaeda and vastly better than any nation-state in the entire region aligned against the Houthis.

Assad and Putin don't give money to terrorists. They use the old-fashioned method of offering real peace and reconciliation or no deal.

Trump's policy is stupid. He should stop the war against the Houthis, who were never a threat to anyone and who would make a reasonable ally primed to evolve democratically even more if treated decently. That would do more to alter the Islamic-revolutionary dynamic within Iran than any continuation of beating up on the Houthis.

The Houthis are not jihadis. Who are Trump's advisors? They are extremely poor strategists.

The following video shows what the US and Saudis are doing to Yemen. What's the matter with us (USA)? What's the matter with those serving in the US military? How can they be a part of this while so many Americans foolishly consider the US Military to deserve so much respect? I DO NOT respect what they are doing in Yemen. What they are doing in Yemen is reprehensible. It is sick! It is monstrous. God damn it! Yes, I mean that. God damn the US "effort" in Yemen. Damn it all to Hell where it came from.

Tom Usher

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