Caitlin Johnstone, here's what to do about the New Censorship

So, the world has been hit with another round of the New Censorship I defined in a previous post. It's not outlawing (yet) but rather totally marginalizing. The first wave was the PropOrNot wave. Before that, censorship was stealthier and often left to the individual sites to self-inflict. There was also, of course, a concerted effort to shut down Julian Assange, who should not have gone into that embassy but rather fought the US on Constitutional grounds and won, which he would have and with tons of backing. The latest wave blatantly hit the more obvious easy target: Alex Jones.

I stopped reading and/or listening to Alex years ago. I had been reading and listening for two reasons. Sometimes he got it right. Most of the time I wanted to know what his ilk was thinking, planning, etc., and to counter it. Others have been hit as well.

You can read Caitlin Johnstone's take on it all here.

Just to be clear, I like Caitlin. She is charged up largely via the real info. What she doesn't have down yet is what to do.

So, what to do?

Well, I've been saying that the real left, the economic left (progressive: democratic-socialist of the real kind) needs to create a non-profit alternative to all the major corporate search, news, and social-media platforms. However, if that's not done quickly enough, the enemy class, the major corporate search, news, and social-media platforms, will not even be there to spread the word about the non-profit. If that happens, which is likely, only a completely underground, word-of-mouth, effort will be available. The trouble with that is that the old grapevine has long since been replaced by the enemies' platform.

Why didn't I bring this up sooner? I did. I started making clear a long time ago that the clampdown was coming. Well, it must be clear now that it has arrived and is only ramping up.

However, there are tens of millions of people who would use a non-profit and support it if it were available and were not a sellout and were not focused upon "Russia, Russia, Russia" (which is US corporate false-propaganda) or upon "identity, identity, identity" but rather economics and democracy, economics and democracy, economics and democracy .... By the way, real economics and real democracy are ultimately the same thing. That's why so many libertarians hate democracy.

So, do it. Do the non-profit. Spread it via comment sections in blogs and such. Do it via texting your friends, family, and other connections as much as possible before the plutocrat-provided platforms go completely dark for us (we'll all have been banned if active on them about this and even though the Sun will still be shining).

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